Friday, November 23, 2012


November 2012

...So, Today is Black Friday, and I have just realized how very content I am in life! We are so very blessed. Even when there is so much to complain about, I recognize how much more is their to praise GOD for!

Last night when we left my parents house our bellies were full and our spirits were soaring! We had rented a movie from the red box in Wal-Mart which nedded to be returned by 9:00 p.m. As my son and I approached the intersection of the roads where Wal-Mart is located in our home town we were astonished... The crowds of people were a sight to see! People coming and going, scurrying about like mice after their cheese! I told my son I was so glad that we didn't need anything. I was so thankful that were were simply there to return a movie. I was fully aware at that point how thankful I am that we really don't NEED anything! Sure, there are so many things that we want ... things we simply have to live without, so what?

I have come to the realization that if we look for stuff with the anticipation of getting something we could talk ourselves into the disappointments of having to do without... On the flip side of that last statement, if we live our lives with contentment and don't even look at the stuff we don't have, we'll then ignorance is bliss! I live right there in that mentality... And I and blissfully content!

I am saved,  I not not going to hell, I have reason to be more than just content!


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