Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lessons From Nesting

I have been building my nest lately. I feel like a lil sparrow! I wanted to make over my bedroom, and when I bought my new bedspread I realized that it did not go with the bedskirt, so I had to make one. Then I realized my curtains were going to need a do over... Then the furniture did not look right, the the floor, the walls, the lighting... You get the picture. Kinda like "if you give a mouse a cookie..."

I decided to share some of my nesting experiences on my blog. I am trying to figure out how to do this blogging with pix ...hmm?
Here are some pix: my fav. Definition of "nest". & one of my lil shadows who thinks I exist to rub her belly!


Well hello there! I have been off lately, not doing nothin' exactly, just doing so much of every thing that blogging has been on the back burner for me! I guess this blog is really more of a place for me to compose my own stuff. This is the rhythm  of my own life, my self indulgent space that is out there in cyberspace for anybody, and apparently nobody but me! So, yeah... Whatever! I needed a place where I could journal my thoughts, my life and what not! Maybe this is just like some sort of cyber "footprint" I will leave on this planet as proof that I exist! Ha, hope there's more evidence to my life than this blog! Like the legacy of love I leave behind for my children. I believe in freedom, free love... Not like the 60s hippie free love that led to the sexual revolution, but more like Love without guilt kinda free love. I am so happy that my kids love me and I know ( you can't see me now, but I am clapping my hands! See what I did there..." If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!" Get it?) okay whatever,  anyhizzle I am free. My kids are free. I have reflected a sense of freedom to them, and yet I know I am loved by them, and they know that they are loved by me.  Few relationships on this planet are free. I guess I should state that my kids are young adults, so for a long long while, I did not feel free. I was bound to them, bound by love. It was a wonderful, terrible time in my life. Somedays I felt like a prisoner of love! I survived home schooling three kids and marriage (to the same man) for twenty years! I am living the dream, reaping what I have sown- honestly I am exhausted! But the kind of exhaustion you feel when you lay your head down to sleep after a long productive day... A sense of awesome pride of accomplishment that finally is allowing me to rest has come over me like a warm blanket and I just want to bottle this and share it with anyone who needs rest! I feel so blessed. I am also feeling really scattered right now. Like i am drifting off to sleepytown... i started to blog a few minutes ago to share the love, and wow... i really am exhausted.  I hope you don't mind, but I think I will take a nap now! Sweet dreams!

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