Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life is sifting me...

... and honestly being sifted reminds me of that falling feeling... it definitely feels uncomfortable, yet being somewhat of an adrenaline junkie I think, "YEAH, LET'S DO THIS!"

I know that I am not alone... That I am not simply free falling through the universe anxiously awaiting for where (or worse, how) I am gonna land!

We are told in the Bible to "be anxious for nothing"... GOD help me not to be anxious!

I had a nice long talk with my Pastor and his wife today about my absence from church lately... and they prayed with me and blessed and released me. I feel a sense of closure, and still a free fall spiritually... I am comforted by the compassionate Holy Spirit who is currently the only one who is aware of my fragile state of mind. I can not explain myself very well, without sounding like a drama queen, because I am very aware of my sense of drama lately.

I want to cry a lot, and I find my thoughts are often leading me toward lonliness... those thoughts are not TRUTH.

TRUTH is holding me in the palm of HIS hand tonight... TRUTH is reminding me right now that I matter... That I was (and am) created for a purpose... TRUTH is filling me with love and peace and I trust that TRUTH will speak to me in my dreams tonight, leading me, and guiding me into all TRUTH. MY CREATOR THINKS I AM TO DIE FOR... TO HIM I'M KIND OF A BIG DEAL!!!

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